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Advent hope: the waiting that is working

I asked for God to come get me, this Advent season. In my out-loud voice I asked that, in a slip-of-the-lip request to a prayer buddy. So I can be assured God is barreling down on me right now, like … Continue reading

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Listening, and saying thank you

I am thankful for the friends and scholars who remind me to be awake and aware to the stories behind the stories. Thanksgiving  seems a simple holiday, for a good idea, and yet it isn’t simple or good for many … Continue reading

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Sick Day

I don’t think about my mind, much. I think about thinking, yes. I am obsessed with thinking, particularly the thinking of white people that intentionally or inadvertently contributes to racism. But my mind itself? Not so much. I take it … Continue reading

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More than Marriage or Equality, Gay is …

Trying to put gay – or, in my case, lesbian – into words is crazy, like trying to describe breathing, or the passage from sleeping to waking, or how to brush what’s left of your hair. It’s both deeply familiar … Continue reading

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Equality is more than marriage …

The simplest way to begin is to acknowledge that not every gay person wants to be married; there is no one-size-fits-all relationship model, for gay or straight people. And yet this aspect of gay life has mushroomed beyond all others … Continue reading

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Churches don’t marry people …

And neither do pastors. This was the surprising news of October 27, 2000, in Dr. Nancy Gorsuch’s Ministry of Pastoral Care class. The topic of the day was the pastor’s role in premarital counseling and other preparations for marriage, and … Continue reading

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Sometimes a taco is not just a taco …

A taco is not just a taco for me, and never will be. Tacos trigger mindful cooking and eating, always infused with memory as much as any other seasoning, and the awareness that – for this gringa – there is … Continue reading

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