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Solstice … evening pages

The last embers of this solstice fire are burning down. My daughter is upstairs in her own evening pursuits. My son is asleep on the sofa behind me, prey to the sleepiness of stayed-up-late-last-night. My beloved is too far away, … Continue reading

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Easter at Christmas

The season’s first snow is falling. Surrounded by pines’ gray trunks and green needles, it is easy to imagine we are a tiny house set a-swirl in a perfectly shaken snow-globe scene. Given the events of the day it is … Continue reading

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Joy on a plate

It’s not a recipe; I didn’t (and usually don’t) keep track of amounts. But this is too easy to make, and too good to miss. In my quest for gluten-free foodie-ism, corn in its granular state has climbed even higher … Continue reading

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Advent joy: Pitched Tent

Privileged to be among those sharing Advent thoughts in church today, I was so happy to share this little reflection on the incarnation. It is amazing how deep the sensation goes, of standing among one’s community, and speaking a part … Continue reading

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I have problems with peace …

We had church in the woods today, gathering and chopping more kindling, spreading gravel in the driveway, clearing flower beds. Old hymns often surface when I’m doing handwork; today “When peace like a river ….” decided to run through my … Continue reading

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Advent waking

When my daughter was an infant, she slept hard. Literally. I would go to pick her up out of her crib (I know, crazy … what mother wakes a sleeping child? There’s coffee to drink, papers to read …) and … Continue reading

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