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Believing is seeing

I watched a spring snow fall yesterday, flurries and flakes falling on daffodils and dogwood blossoms, tender tulips and sturdy stones. My lover slept beside me, enjoying a rare and well-deserved lazy morning. It is in the moments that I … Continue reading

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Japan: news coverage or disaster porn?

The images pile up as inexorably as … well, the cars, trucks, boats and trains caught inĀ  Japan’s tsunami, so many life-size vehicles and houses turned into so much flotsam. The only problem is, it’s not just steel and wood … Continue reading

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What would Jesus tweet?

I am not an early adopter. (But it’s okay; neither was Jesus. More on that, later.) However, with the possibility of a new position looming on the horizon that might benefit from some adeptitude at social media, I’m toe-dipping in … Continue reading

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Hiding (and seeking) in the ashes …

The word for Ash Wednesday seems to be “hide.” But is it also “seek”? We can start with the “hide” … in Matthew’s gospel, Jesus says don’t put your piety on display; that’s for the hypocrites. Don’t blow your horn … Continue reading

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Love the respect … hate that it took a piece of paper.

H/t to Resist Racism for the link to the story … When I am being idealistic, I want queer people not to work anywhere that makes us be less than our full human selves: historically, this list has included the … Continue reading

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End of the borderline

This entry is cross-posted from The Seedbed, a group blog I was asked to participate in … lots of great women writing over there. Check it out! I hope it comes in my lifetime: the day when a bunch of … Continue reading

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