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After the feast …

When you come near enough to another human being to place a piece of bread in her hand, to give her the cup to drink, to look into her eyes and see God’s own light shining from her soul … you see, and are seen. You touch, and are touched. You feed another … and are fed. Not only do your bread and wine become part of her, at the cellular level, but her hunger and her humanity become part of you, at the soul level. Continue reading

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Spirited Democracy?

In a recently recast episode of an On Being podcast, philosopher Jacob Needleman shared insights from his research into the spiritual underpinnings of the U.S. democratic experiment. At several points in the podcast, Needleman’s comments sent me scurrying down new … Continue reading

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k.d. incarnate

I got within shouting distance of k.d. lang last night, and it’s a testament to the person and the performer that I am still beaming and thinking in equal measure. Overflowing measure, at that. The music sounded and felt full-out; … Continue reading

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