Transgender Day of Remembrance

the wisdom of God
created at the beginning of God’s work
the first act of God
long ago

feminine by name
playful by nature, daily God’s delight
a master worker, rejoicing always
in the inhabited world, the human race

become the Word of God,
Logos … Christ … Christa?
Love incarnated, God’s womanwisdom, God’s masterworker
in the body of a man, Jesus,
in a carpenter’s hands, in a healer’s touch.

here on the edge of advent
I am seeking you
in the eyes of all I love
in the eyes of all I have not loved yet

You inspired a Jewish radical
to proclaim more than he knew:

no longer Jew nor Greek
no longer slave or free
no longer male and female
for you are all one in Love

and yet
we’ve been trying
to take ourselves apart
ever since.

Put us back together, Sophia
like wine in water
like bread in bodies
like love incarnate
like whole spirits in whole flesh.

You are God’s masterworker, after all.
You stand at the crossroads and call.
Draw a circle on the face of our deeps
that inscribes love
and casts out fear.

Sophia, you say that those who miss you
injure themselves. Those who hate you,
love death.

In our fear, misgiving, mistrust, ignorance,
we have proven you right. We have killed our own —
not recognizing ourselves in them.
Not seeing you in their eyes;
not feeling you in our hearts.

Forgive us. Make us to do better than we have done.

Sophia, you promise that whoever finds you
finds life.

Help us, now. Help us to no longer love death,
but to find life: to see it in each living thing,
striving to grow into all that can be.

Help us to remember
we are made in the image of a God
who translates Godself endlessly
in an unending stream
of Words of Love.

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