Lenten journal: R2B in Whispering Pines

RACE TO THE BALLOT | Real Conversations in Whispering Pines – YouTube.

This video is so powerful. I am proud of UCC pastor Brent Bissette, who begins speaking at about 3:54. I am proud, too, of Jen Jones’ even and yet firm keel.

The respect she shows to a young man, Jason, who holds a strongly different opinion is amazing. I find that young man’s impassioned testimony at the opening of the video heart-breaking. I know he’s well-meaning, and fully expressing his faith, but what a death-dealing faith it is.

Jesus came that we might have life, and abundant life at that. This constitutional amendment only constrains life, and causes there to be a contraction of liberty, not a full expression or increase of life.

Life … if you want to see and hear life, listen to the woman — my sister, that I’ve never met, but who I definitely know, because she’s family — who begins speaking at 7:57. And tell me she shouldn’t marry the woman she loves. Pah.

Then watch, at the end of the video, as Jen listens for what must have been hard long minutes to Jason. And extends the grace of an embrace to someone she refuses to be made the enemy of. Hope embodied; hope personified.

Thanks, Jen.

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