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Sheep of another pasture

In the blue cool of this evening, I am remembering that these days are as long as the ones in August, just as many days from the solstice. Unlike August, though, these evenings are cool and soft as feathers; being … Continue reading

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Know + Love Project: We know love

The Know + Love Project is a joint effort of Equality NC and the ACLU working to defeat Amendment One (for more information on the amendment and its plethora of harms, visit Protect All NC Families). Know+Love is collecting stories … Continue reading

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Change’ll do me good

Driving home from work tonight, this thought: “I need to be living closer to my heart.” Usually when I don’t know where a thought comes from, I do know Who it came from … yeah. This felt like one of … Continue reading

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Lenten journal: feeling fifty

Tomorrow is not only a day deeper into Holy Week, but a bit of a milestone day in the life: I’ll turn 50, in real round numbers. A couple of people who love me have asked good-naturedly, “How’s fifty feel?” … Continue reading

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