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To see and be seen

Some coincidences are what my friend Margot calls “Godincidences.” Maybe that’s one of the easiest ways for God to peek around the corners of our lives, to work a synchronicity that makes us grin or punctures our hearts or just … Continue reading

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CPE: Another journey begins …

The first day of Clinical Pastoral Education brought a couple of happy surprises and some familiar fears: all told, a good day of intention and grace. You might think someone who’s completed undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees would be through … Continue reading

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What’s a queer, Christian, Carolinian to do? Choose life …

Being queer in Carolina has become a tougher row to hoe in some ways. As expected, the passage of Amendment One has been taken by some as permission to open the floodgates of anti-gay vitriol. A few histrionic preachers are … Continue reading

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Our triathlon: Ramblin’ Rose and the road ahead

“Dagnabbit!” That was my half-exasperated, half-fearful reaction when my bike pedals suddenly started free-wheeling like hamsters at spin class. At the bottom of a steep hill, the chain had just come off its sprockets. (Note to self; stop putting off … Continue reading

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Ada María Isasi-Díaz, con Dios

It is literally impossible to overstate the impact Ada María Isasi-Díaz had on my life and my theologizing. This post won’t do justice to that enormity. But I want to express my respect in whatever way I can. I am … Continue reading

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