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Affirmative Action? Or White Entitlement?

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Affirmative Action – Long story short: A young white woman, Abigail Fisher, applies to UT Austin and is not admitted. She argues that her merits were not considered, but that her application was … Continue reading

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Sandusky’s sentence … and still, they protest too much

Sandusky Sentenced in Penn State Sex Abuse Case – It’s too rare to see justice done on behalf of children. And still, Sandusky got off light. How’d Jesus put it? “If any of you put a stumbling block before … Continue reading

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Just dying for … church?

“I’m just dying to ______.” How would you fill in the blank? (And don’t forget to tell me what your answer is ….) After you give that some thought, consider this: how did we get to this particular cliché? Where … Continue reading

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