Sandusky’s sentence … and still, they protest too much

Sandusky Sentenced in Penn State Sex Abuse Case –

Jesus’s idea.

It’s too rare to see justice done on behalf of children. And still, Sandusky got off light. How’d Jesus put it? “If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea.” There was a day when the adult me wept to read that text in the light of what happened to me as a child.

I’m glad Sandusky can’t make any more kids cry. And I still wonder about a few things. Like how Mike McQueary has the guts to sue Penn State for “misrepresentation and defamation, saying the university had mistreated him since Sandusky’s actions became public” when he didn’t have the guts to step into a locker room and stop a big ole man from raping a child. When he heard and saw what was happening, with his own ears and eyes. I will never be able to erase what I read that he saw. How does he, long enough to think anything but apology to the child he could have rescued and did not?

Defamation? Mistreatment? Everyone in authority who looked away now pleading not guilty?

Spare me. I’ve heard it before.

I just wonder who hasn’t been caught yet.

Whatever institution you are part of, look out for the least of these … there is no more fundamental human calling.

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6 Responses to Sandusky’s sentence … and still, they protest too much

  1. Bill Moore says:

    This weekend is Children’s Sabbath (October 12-14) – and a part of it is coordinated with the Children’s Defense Fund.

    Thank you for your words. I do so appreciate your gift of articulation. Bill M.

  2. Hawke says:

    Well said Tam, integrity is doing what is right, when no one else will ever know…..

  3. sparks1943 says:

    Not so sure what to think of him……fear does strange things to us all. I wish he had stepped in and stopped it, but we were not there… know all that had gone on before or what actually happened after. Why don’t those who know and see step in? Why don’t parents believe? Why don’t perpetrators get punished by those who know the truth? I wonder and feel rage toward all those who turn away or who refuse to believe or to, frankly, beat the stuffings out of scum like Sanduskey

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