Grateful for this (out) body …

Days with breathing space in them are days I want to be in motion: running, dancing, biking, kayaking, or even just picking up pinecones to fuel our next fire.

Running is a still-astonishing joy, one of the many sideways gifts of my coming-out journey. In the months that I was praying and fasting my way through that particular conversion to truth, I lost 40ish pounds … and gained many freedoms, including a renewed freedom to move.

Of course, living into my gayness also entailed some costs, including feeling compelled to leave the Mennonite church, although I still carry a bright Anabaptist streak deep in my soul.

And so today, I am happy to respond to my friend Joanna Harader’s invitation to strike a POHS* for gratitude. I am grateful for all that the Mennonite Church gave me; I am grateful for the gifts I’ve received even in leaving it; I am grateful for those who still labor within the Mennonite Church for the full rights of LGBT folks; I am grateful for the blessing of my body, which is more fully mine and more fully realized as my particular expression of the imago dei because of my journey out of the Mennonite church and into being gay. And out of all these gratitudes, I am happy to make a contribution today to, and hope that you will, too!

* Yep, SHOP turned backward … JH thinks of it as “pause” … perhaps as a result of my gay fabulousness, I immediately went for “pose”: presenting my embodied self in all its freedom to be!

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