Two turtledoves … some assembly required

turtledovesTwo thoughts, actually. They are a completely mismatched pair, but they have arrived on the same day, so …

First thought. What the hell is a turtle dove? The interwebs say that it is a monogamous bird with a soft, purring call. So, if your true love gives you one, that means she wants to be your own true love, your one true love, and that she is calling softly to tell you so. There are special lessons to be learned from the years of being true, lessons different from those learned by loving all comers, whether celibately or polyamorously. For now, I will simply say that I am thankful for what I am learning from the love I am in; and for the gifts it bestows, in both the giving and receiving.

I have been given so much.

Second thought. This is a day-after-Christmas thought. “For unto us a child is born ….”

A child … an infant. God chooses to come to us as a baby.The body of Christ took years to become its full self: months and years of blood, sweat, milk, pain, laughter, learning, love.

Like a bicycle or doll-house on Christmas morning, an infant presenting as the gift of God means that there is some assembly required. That’s what we are all doing, right? Looking for the tools … reading the directions again …wondering where that missing part is.

So be it. The community I envision, a new part of the body of Christ, for the worship and work of God in, among and around the “us” that will someday be, is a “some assembly required” kind of community.

I promise that in 2013 and beyond I will muster all I can to do my part of the assembly. Please … please join me. I can’t do it without you.

There is so much I want to give.

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2 Responses to Two turtledoves … some assembly required

  1. Shugie says:

    I’m in!!! Hand me the toolbox!!!

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