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Losing whose religion?

Surf’s up on religious doubt. We’ve heard about millenials leaving the church in droves (although — trust me — young folk are not alone in disenchantment with organized religion), the spiritual-but-not-religious, the backlash against SBNRs, atheists holding Sunday go-to meetings, … Continue reading

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Crosspost from Christian Century: Welcome out

When it comes to church, I’m a wanderer: I don’t have a church home so much as a village of church tents. All this wandering has made me a connoisseur of church welcomes or the lack thereof. I can tell … Continue reading

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My fourteeners … 14 summits for ’14

Mountaineers celebrate bagging summits, and in the U.S. climbers have a particular affinity for peaks over 14,000 feet. This image is resonating for me this morning, as I contemplate the year ahead. I know 2014 will bring both peaks and … Continue reading

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Baker’s dozen: 13 things I learned in ’13

2013 was an amazing year for me, by my own happiness index if not the world’s. No, I did not get a job (though I tried, and I will.) No, I did not travel the world or make a shit-ton … Continue reading

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