My fourteeners … 14 summits for ’14

??????????????????????????Mountaineers celebrate bagging summits, and in the U.S. climbers have a particular affinity for peaks over 14,000 feet. This image is resonating for me this morning, as I contemplate the year ahead.

I know 2014 will bring both peaks and valleys — every year does — and I want to be skillful with both. I’m figuring that starts with mindful attention. So, here are the summits I will be intentional about scaling in 2014: my 14 for ’14!

1. Get a job. Full-time, with benefits, vocationally fulfilling. Stipended SES position counts.

2. Get a journal article finished and accepted for publication.

3. Self-publish a white paper for sale through Amazon or other platform.

4. Begin writing my next book, working title God Forsaken.

5. Write and submit a book proposal for God Forsaken to at least three publishing houses.

6. Write my sections for the Gospel of Doubt book project.

7. Organize a spiritual community that feeds souls and hungry people.

8. Get married.

9. Have a wonderful honeymoon.

10. Get stronger, fitter, and healthy enough to return to running, swimming and biking. Especially running.

11. Complete a longer tri.

12. Complete 5K and 5 mile races.

13. Complete a 10K race.

14. Complete a half marathon.

How about you? What are the peaks you want to bag in ’14?

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2 Responses to My fourteeners … 14 summits for ’14

  1. sparks1943 says:

    Keep my job. Stay healthy. Keep the home place. Stay true to my own convictions. Love my country. Do my best to love, care for, provide for, and be there for TD and the kiddos. BE GRATEFUL FOR EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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