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Failing graces

Wet black trunks, lizard-scaled and north-side mossed. Fallen pine-needle clumps, some green, the brown ones likely leftovers from the spring ice-storm, once snagged in treetops and now loosened by summer storms. I notice these things in detail because I’m walking … Continue reading

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Giving up the old …

I have a hearing problem. An old hearing problem. It kicks up whenever someone says something nice to me about me. Perhaps you also have this hearing problem. One of the side benefits of working in a chaplaincy education program … Continue reading

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Fall into grace

Fall’s first chill swept across the south last night; the news from my friends in Texas is the same as in my own backyard. The mercury fell as the night slipped by. The season promised by the early-turning dogwoods is … Continue reading

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Dogwood days

The dog days of summer have given way to the dogwood days. Each fall recreates the surprise of when I first moved to North Carolina: here, the dogwoods invite us to the dance of fall. After the dogwood’s showy tiaras … Continue reading

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Sheep of another pasture

In the blue cool of this evening, I am remembering that these days are as long as the ones in August, just as many days from the solstice. Unlike August, though, these evenings are cool and soft as feathers; being … Continue reading

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To see takes time

When I was seven or eight years old, my mother took me to the eye doctor. I’m not sure who figured out the necessity; probably a teacher realizing I couldn’t read the blackboard even from the front row of chairs. … Continue reading

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All (my) saints’ day

In the season when the leaves explode with color and then litter every path, I settle in, layering clothes, listening longer, battening down my own hatches for the long nights ahead. I have turned into an autumn kind of woman; … Continue reading

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Small things become huge and immeasurable

Rilke has a word for today, from his Letters to a Young Poet: Here in this vast landscape, swept by winds from the sea, I wonder if there is any person anywhere who can answer the questions that stir in … Continue reading

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Of dogwoods, almonds and palms

The dogwoods are passing their peak … maybe. The blossoms are rusting like cut apples, browning slightly. Today’s stiff spring wind is blowing flakes of white flight. But I am loving this season of the dogwood, too, because the fading … Continue reading

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Japan: news coverage or disaster porn?

The images pile up as inexorably as … well, the cars, trucks, boats and trains caught inĀ  Japan’s tsunami, so many life-size vehicles and houses turned into so much flotsam. The only problem is, it’s not just steel and wood … Continue reading

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