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Out of the mouths of babes …

Meditation for UNC Chapel World Communion Sunday October 4, 2015 When I was a kid sitting in church, my favorite thing was to find a puzzle in the Bible. Which usually meant trying to figure out the length of a … Continue reading

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Is this answered prayer?

This is the time I have been working and hoping for; this is also the time I have been anticipating looking back from. I left full-time employment in 1997, and — an M.Div. and Ph.D. notwithstanding — have only worked … Continue reading

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Baker’s dozen: 13 things I learned in ’13

2013 was an amazing year for me, by my own happiness index if not the world’s. No, I did not get a job (though I tried, and I will.) No, I did not travel the world or make a shit-ton … Continue reading

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Empty nest, happy-sad, and back-to-school-shopping explained

“You wouldn’t believe the stuff people are taking to college,” my son said, gazing at his phone. “Like, rooms full of stuff. Where do they think they are gonna put all of it?!?” I have to say I get it … Continue reading

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