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Holy Saturday: A season in Sheol

I can hardly imagine the shock God felt, squeezing infinite love and creativity into the vulnerability of a human infancy. I am equally at a loss trying to imagine what happened in God when Jesus died. If you take seriously … Continue reading

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Invocation in the days of empire

O Holy God In this season when we are contemplating those who would lead us their gifts and their limits draw our eyes and our visions our minds and our thoughts our hearts and our love toward you. Like Hannah, … Continue reading

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Is this answered prayer?

This is the time I have been working and hoping for; this is also the time I have been anticipating looking back from. I left full-time employment in 1997, and — an M.Div. and Ph.D. notwithstanding — have only worked … Continue reading

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Called to Unbelief

Sermon for Binkley Baptist Church: Psalm 85 * Romans 10:5-15 * Matthew 14:22-33 I had the pleasure this week of Bible study with some members of the Binkley Sermon Shapers group, and when we read the story of Peter and … Continue reading

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Failing graces

Wet black trunks, lizard-scaled and north-side mossed. Fallen pine-needle clumps, some green, the brown ones likely leftovers from the spring ice-storm, once snagged in treetops and now loosened by summer storms. I notice these things in detail because I’m walking … Continue reading

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The postmodern mystic: about time

Time is not the straight arrow we think it is, the physicists tell us. And this is old physics; Einstein era ideas. But I got a fresh view of the notion in an interview Krista Tippett did recently with physicist … Continue reading

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“The downside of the wave …”

I’ve been hip-deep in doubt the last few months, writing chapters for a book on doubt and living through my own doubts as I apply for jobs I do not get. I’ve given some thought to how I’ll look back … Continue reading

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Intersectionality for a Justice-Hungry People

Roots of Justice (an anti-oppression training organization I have the privilege of working with) was invited to the Wild Goose Festival to offer a couple of workshops on intersectionality, an approach to understanding the way oppressions interlock and reinforce each … Continue reading

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Feast of the Annunciation: And Mary Sang

Sermon for Wake Forest Baptist Church Feast of the Annunciation in the season of Lent Isaiah 7:10-14, Psalm 40, Luke 1:26-38 Spring in winter … winter in spring … the stormy dregs of winter fit our Lenten struggles. We don’t … Continue reading

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Losing whose religion?

Surf’s up on religious doubt. We’ve heard about millenials leaving the church in droves (although — trust me — young folk are not alone in disenchantment with organized religion), the spiritual-but-not-religious, the backlash against SBNRs, atheists holding Sunday go-to meetings, … Continue reading

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