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Holy Saturday: A season in Sheol

I can hardly imagine the shock God felt, squeezing infinite love and creativity into the vulnerability of a human infancy. I am equally at a loss trying to imagine what happened in God when Jesus died. If you take seriously … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let friends get crucified …

Maundy Thursday of Holy Week, 2014. The word “maundy” comes from the mandate Jesus gives his followers on the night of their last supper together I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have … Continue reading

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Baker’s dozen: 13 things I learned in ’13

2013 was an amazing year for me, by my own happiness index if not the world’s. No, I did not get a job (though I tried, and I will.) No, I did not travel the world or make a shit-ton … Continue reading

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A grief: lostness, and wholeness

I’m working the bookends of life this summer: the oncology floor and labor/delivery/pediatrics. Maybe you think I have those in the wrong order; not for me. The oncology floor holds my attention so much more directly than LDR or peds. … Continue reading

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Change’ll do me good

Driving home from work tonight, this thought: “I need to be living closer to my heart.” Usually when I don’t know where a thought comes from, I do know Who it came from … yeah. This felt like one of … Continue reading

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The politics of death: follow the money

I am angry this morning. Reading the New York Times online is my morning newspaper, and this morning brought an article reporting that the Obama administration had caved on a Medicare provision for advance care planning as a covered service. … Continue reading

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Mother’s Days

May 9, 2010. Mother’s Day. A more perfect spring day would be hard to imagine: sunshine, cool breeze and temperatures in the 60s. The trajectory of the day alternated between minding the store of memories of my mother, and fully … Continue reading

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Easter at Christmas

The season’s first snow is falling. Surrounded by pines’ gray trunks and green needles, it is easy to imagine we are a tiny house set a-swirl in a perfectly shaken snow-globe scene. Given the events of the day it is … Continue reading

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