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Pray always. Don’t lose heart.

The story we heard from Genesis  a little bit ago is probably my favorite Jacob story, although that’s not saying much. Jacob is such a trickster, he’s just not my favorite guy in the bible. He does have some cool dreams; … Continue reading

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Invocation in the days of empire

O Holy God In this season when we are contemplating those who would lead us their gifts and their limits draw our eyes and our visions our minds and our thoughts our hearts and our love toward you. Like Hannah, … Continue reading

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Is this answered prayer?

This is the time I have been working and hoping for; this is also the time I have been anticipating looking back from. I left full-time employment in 1997, and — an M.Div. and Ph.D. notwithstanding — have only worked … Continue reading

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2012 Transgender Day of Remembrance

A Prayer: Whole Love, Holy Life for the 2012 Transgender Day of Remembrance Creator You love roses But not only their full-blown beauty You also love the tiny ferns unfurling on the forest floor And the red salvia blooming for … Continue reading

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Change’ll do me good

Driving home from work tonight, this thought: “I need to be living closer to my heart.” Usually when I don’t know where a thought comes from, I do know Who it came from … yeah. This felt like one of … Continue reading

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Hiding (and seeking) in the ashes …

The word for Ash Wednesday seems to be “hide.” But is it also “seek”? We can start with the “hide” … in Matthew’s gospel, Jesus says don’t put your piety on display; that’s for the hypocrites. Don’t blow your horn … Continue reading

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Time lapse

The tracery of black branches against evening’s darkening blue sky bewitches me each winter. As the leaves fall away, the twigs etch deeper and sharper into the night sky, fine lines no pen or brush could replicate. Tonight my beloved … Continue reading

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Prayers for Egypt, Uganda … and us

This image caught my eye, in the coverage of Egypt’s unrest: It was taken by Scott Nelson for The New York Times, and appeared in the slideshow of images on January 28, 2011. And these words: During the fighting outside … Continue reading

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High in the branches, deep in the earth

Before I had words for God, I had hands and feet and a heart for climbing trees. As a small girl, I would climb into the hackberry tree nearest our house, on a farm in the flat South Texas delta. … Continue reading

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The Appropriations of Grieving: Misogi Harai as Mikveh, a Celtic Kaddish … and a French Proverb

In the wake of my mother’s death, I have needs. One might even say I have liturgical needs, in the sense of leitourgia, worship as the work of the people. But, not being a student of thanatology (yes, there are … Continue reading

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