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Never too late, never too soon

In the early days of 2012, grieving over what wasn’t yet and some of what was, I resolved: No Excuses. Those two words have kept me moving, in times when I wasn’t sure or didn’t want to. Motion and doing … Continue reading

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Our triathlon: Ramblin’ Rose and the road ahead

“Dagnabbit!” That was my half-exasperated, half-fearful reaction when my bike pedals suddenly started free-wheeling like hamsters at spin class. At the bottom of a steep hill, the chain had just come off its sprockets. (Note to self; stop putting off … Continue reading

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Change’ll do me good

Driving home from work tonight, this thought: “I need to be living closer to my heart.” Usually when I don’t know where a thought comes from, I do know Who it came from … yeah. This felt like one of … Continue reading

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Whole Sexuality

It is a challenge to live as a whole and integrated self in a world that wants to see one slice of me – if it wants to see me at all. Moving into new communities – as I have … Continue reading

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Relentless pilgrim

If boredom in high school is a sign of readiness for college, I was ready for college at a young age … South Texas left me restless for more. Or should I say, I left South Texas, restless. And more … Continue reading

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Time loses its grip …

I learned long ago that prayer can overcome distance. I learned this in one of my favorite ways to pray, called kything, a way of praying for someone even when you can’t physically be with them. In kything, you settle … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Genderqueer: Rejection, Death … and Resurrection Power

Reading Judith Butler’s Undoing Gender may seem a strange Lenten study, but there is no denying the accidentally powerful connections forged between the season and the study. Last week I read “Beside Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy,” in … Continue reading

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Standing on the stumbling block

I have a good friend who has asked some very good questions, and given me permission to think about answers here. “Why is there so much emphasis on the cross in Christianity? It makes sense if the focus is on … Continue reading

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Lambs of God in a greening spring

Most flowerbeds are still empty, but the daffodils’ yellow heads hang heavy with rain; I especially love the gone-wild stubborn daffodils lining roadsides and ditches, and clustering around old homesteads, near tumbled-down chimneys. Most trees are still bare, but the … Continue reading

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Night-time Psalms

Some years ago, I went through a long stretch where the night was not my friend. I could fall asleep just fine, but then I would awake after a few hours, not rested, but not going back to sleep, either. … Continue reading

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