Following 20 years in corporate communications and consulting, Tammerie Day left a position at Price Waterhouse LLC to enter Christian ministry. While earning an M.Div. from Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas, Tammerie served as an associate pastor and church planter. After earning a Ph.D. in theology from Southern Methodist University, Tammerie moved to Hillsborough, NC with her partner and two children in 2009. She has taught at Austin College (Sherman, TX), Perkins School of Theology (Dallas, TX), Meredith College (Raleigh, NC) and Elon University, Elon, NC. Palgrave MacMillan published her book on whiteness and racism, Constructing Solidarity, in November 2012.

Tammerie works as a chaplain educator at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, preaches and leads workshops and retreats on a variety of topics. You can reach her at


3 Responses to Byline

  1. Bill Moore says:

    Delightful reading your work today. I am working on a Lenten seires about Images of Jesus and discovered your work on Mother Hen. Wow! Also, the word “brooding” is on a list of words I had chosen to use for reflection as we enter Holy Week.
    First, “Thank you.” You thought and style are very moving to me.
    Second, could I request to use the Mother Hen Prayer inworship? If so, how would you like it to be attributed?
    Lastly, trivia. I graduated from high school a few blocks from Brite Divinity School and graduated from Austin College with a degree in economics. I am now a UMC pastor at Good Shepherd UMC in Thronton, CO.
    With Mother Hen Brooding,
    Bill Moore

  2. Bill Moore says:

    That would be Thornton,CO!

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