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Between the calling and the blessing

If ever there was a week to hold the newsfeed in one hand and the Bible in the other, with your mind in your heart and your heart in God, this was it. Let’s see what the word of God … Continue reading

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Pray always. Don’t lose heart.

The story we heard from Genesis  a little bit ago is probably my favorite Jacob story, although that’s not saying much. Jacob is such a trickster, he’s just not my favorite guy in the bible. He does have some cool dreams; … Continue reading

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Blur and Cross the Thin Blue Line

“We call the police the thin blue line. Let it not be a line that divides us.” – Eric L. Adams, NY police officer and guest columnist Eric Adams describes his experience as an African American citizen and father … Continue reading

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Improv (for) life, listening for justice

Whether we are facing personal conflict in our relationships, or leaning into the harder conversations of our society – like those around racial injustice and sexual identity – many of us struggle to listen to what needs hearing and speaking … Continue reading

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No cheap grace

Most of us are struck by the words Emanuel AME members speak to Dylann Roof, words that speak peace to the man who killed their loved ones, words that attempt to redeem pain by the example of a loving and suffering savior. Without a doubt, offering this … Continue reading

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Rachel Dolezal, Dylann Roof … and us

What does an impersonator of blackness have in common with a white supremacist? Warped white responses to the racialized reality we live in. One rejected the white race card she was dealt and wrapped herself in an appropriated black life; the … Continue reading

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Intersectionality for a Justice-Hungry People

Roots of Justice (an anti-oppression training organization I have the privilege of working with) was invited to the Wild Goose Festival to offer a couple of workshops on intersectionality, an approach to understanding the way oppressions interlock and reinforce each … Continue reading

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Advent journal: being peace

My peace candle melted from the wick out, the first time I burned it, puddling into a hollow mess that went everywhere. Somehow this seems apt. Our efforts at peace sometimes seem equally hollow. The truest thing I can say … Continue reading

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A conversation with the President

This is a long post. After watching and listening to the president’s speech, I wanted to listen out loud, and talk back a little, so here it is: one white woman’s take, one citizen’s engagement with her president, straight from … Continue reading

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The demon of history vs. the arc of justice

There is a long history in Florida, in the south, in the United States. White peoples – Anglos and Spaniards – came from Europe and collided in Florida, stole black peoples from Africa and enslaved them in the south, displaced … Continue reading

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