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Time lapse

The tracery of black branches against evening’s darkening blue sky bewitches me each winter. As the leaves fall away, the twigs etch deeper and sharper into the night sky, fine lines no pen or brush could replicate. Tonight my beloved … Continue reading

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Prayers for Egypt, Uganda … and us

This image caught my eye, in the coverage of Egypt’s unrest: It was taken by Scott Nelson for The New York Times, and appeared in the slideshow of images on January 28, 2011. And these words: During the fighting outside … Continue reading

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What the world is trying to be …

“We are the transformers of Earth. Our whole being, and the flights and falls of our love, enable us to undertake this task.” — Rainer Maria Rilke, letter to Witold Hulewicz, November 13, 1925 “Your job is to find out … Continue reading

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I’ve got the browns …

It’s like having the blues. Only better. This time of year, with the leaves long gone from the hardwoods, the slightest glance penetrates deep into the bark and hollows of the woods. You glimpse neighbors you never knew you had. … Continue reading

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“And Everything Matters …”

Ever feel like you got pitched a baby to raise? Interesting sensation. More on that later, when the project at hand becomes a little more clear. In the meantime, here’s the word from A Year with Rilke for today: The … Continue reading

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Praise? Now?

“[God] put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.” Ps 40:3 “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!” Ps 150:6 “Life breaks everyone, but some are strong in the broken places.” — Ernest Hemingway … Continue reading

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Is this where we really are? A troubled young man, Jared Lee Loughner, is in custody for opening fire at a community event for Arizona Representative Gabrielle Gifford. Her condition is precarious; others were wounded as well. Six people were … Continue reading

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… “when the soul of the commonest object … seems to us radiant.” — James Joyce I went to the Scrap Exchange yesterday, a place where the potential for epiphany is available by the bin. Cast-offs and discards come in … Continue reading

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Chickpeas, chorizo and cheeeeese

Food helps so much. It’s a blessing to come home, go for a run and then have everything come out right in the kitchen. I saw a Mark Bittman video last year about stir-fried chickpeas with Spanish chorizo (not the … Continue reading

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The politics of death: follow the money

I am angry this morning. Reading the New York Times online is my morning newspaper, and this morning brought an article reporting that the Obama administration had caved on a Medicare provision for advance care planning as a covered service. … Continue reading

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