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Whole Sexuality

It is a challenge to live as a whole and integrated self in a world that wants to see one slice of me – if it wants to see me at all. Moving into new communities – as I have … Continue reading

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Relentless pilgrim

If boredom in high school is a sign of readiness for college, I was ready for college at a young age … South Texas left me restless for more. Or should I say, I left South Texas, restless. And more … Continue reading

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Running with a Red Fox

The Little River Regional Park and Natural Area. I ran through the green-lit woods of Little River Park this morning, down to the Eno and up over the North Ridge. Everything was in motion: the carpenter bees mating (imagine two … Continue reading

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Time loses its grip …

I learned long ago that prayer can overcome distance. I learned this in one of my favorite ways to pray, called kything, a way of praying for someone even when you can’t physically be with them. In kything, you settle … Continue reading

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