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Intersectionality for a Justice-Hungry People

Roots of Justice (an anti-oppression training organization I have the privilege of working with) was invited to the Wild Goose Festival to offer a couple of workshops on intersectionality, an approach to understanding the way oppressions interlock and reinforce each … Continue reading

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A conversation with the President

This is a long post. After watching and listening to the president’s speech, I wanted to listen out loud, and talk back a little, so here it is: one white woman’s take, one citizen’s engagement with her president, straight from … Continue reading

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Dogwood days

The dog days of summer have given way to the dogwood days. Each fall recreates the surprise of when I first moved to North Carolina: here, the dogwoods invite us to the dance of fall. After the dogwood’s showy tiaras … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: Visionary, capitalist, otter

Apple announced today that Steve Jobs has died. The envelope he kept pushing — the one that had our future tools and toys sealed inside it — is it finally open? Or finally closed … The first Macintosh changed my … Continue reading

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