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A walk on the wild side

An all-night rain on already saturated ground means the earth has drunk its fill and then some. Sometimes the landscape resonates with one’s heart, and on this day I know there is no way out of a Sunday afternoon grief, … Continue reading

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Chipotle Pork Tacos, Second-Day Soup, Latter-Day Greens

I’m sure the title of this post has kept most of my vegan/vegetarian friends away, but for those of you who have tuned in anyway, just chop up the garlic, peppers, onion and shallots, sauté till just soft, and then … Continue reading

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Ignorance … hate … and homemade soup

Shortly after putting up my last post – a rumination on the connections between knowing, seeing and loving – its converse reared its head. “If knowing can breed loving, then ignorance can breed hate.” That feels harsh. But I know … Continue reading

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The knowing that is loving …

The trees I love the most are the ones I know the names of. I’m not sure which came first: the name or the love. There is certainly a relationship there between knowing and loving. It’s not always a direct … Continue reading

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