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The Appropriations of Grieving: Misogi Harai as Mikveh, a Celtic Kaddish … and a French Proverb

In the wake of my mother’s death, I have needs. One might even say I have liturgical needs, in the sense of leitourgia, worship as the work of the people. But, not being a student of thanatology (yes, there are … Continue reading

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An unobituary … Wilma “Sis” Wones Brotzman: July 30, 1935 — May 12, 2010

“Sis” to family and friends, “Coach” to a slew of young women and a few lucky young men, “Wife” to Lloyd, “Mom” to a son and daughter, “Grandma” or “MeMom” to the grandkids … and yet, none of these names … Continue reading

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Mother’s Days

May 9, 2010. Mother’s Day. A more perfect spring day would be hard to imagine: sunshine, cool breeze and temperatures in the 60s. The trajectory of the day alternated between minding the store of memories of my mother, and fully … Continue reading

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Mindful running, on beautiful feet

Last week’s mountain trail run ended in a yard sale, as the bikers call it; after a knee- and palm-scraping tumble, I limped off the mountain, glad to still be walking. I did know the risks of distraction during a … Continue reading

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